Our Historical Artifacts

Made from local mahogany, the pulpit was designed and built by John Edward Challenor and Wilfred Worrell in 1921.


The Organ
The organ was ordered and built by the English firm, Hill & Son at a cost of 320 pounds. After it arrived in January 1876 and was assembled, the first organist was Charles A. Greenidge and the bellows blower, Reynold W. Gillman.

bell The Old Church Bell
The original bell, the oldest in Barbados, carries the inscription "God Bless King William 1696". It fell from the belfry in 1881 and was badly cracked but a benefactor donated a new bell. However, considering its historic value the old one was retained as a monument, which predates the American "Liberty Bell" by 56 years.

The Original Baptismal Font
The Baptistery, on the ground floor of the belfry, contains the original font which is over 300 years old and bears the inscription "Debit Richardus Walter to the Church of St. James Anno 1684." The mahogany font cover was made by a local craftsman and donated by the late Dr. Aubrey A. Gibbons in memory of his deceased infant daughter.


Antique Church Plate
The Church silver contains some beautiful and historic old hand beaten pieces, the oldest one being the Charles II silver flagon with cover, about 1682, by silversmith John Ruslen. The Charles II hand beaten silver alms dish was made by John Sutton and dates about 1683.


Christus Rex
This is a crucifix showing Our Lord wearing a crown and clothed in a full set of priestly garments as Christ The King. It was donated in 1988 by Marion Roberts in memory of her husband Al. It is located over the entrance to the organ apse.


Ethiopian Hunger Veil
This three panel mural depicting scenes from the Bible was donated by Canon and Mrs. Hatch in 1988 in thanksgiving for loving parents, children and friends. It is located on the southwest wall of the nave.

nativity The Bas Relief
The Bas Relief which forms the background for our Nativity Crib is from John Bourne in memory of his wife Mildred. It was carved by sculptor Kenneth Blackman. The overall concept is the brain-child of Jill Walker. As the crib is only set up for the Feast of the Nativity, during the rest of the year the bas relief triptych (picture or relief carving on three hinged panels) is on permanent display on the north-west wall of the nave.
sculpture Sculpture
Icons of St.James and of Mary the Mother were cast in a Helliwell foundry and donated by the late Paul Helliwell of Toronto in memory of his wife Nita Violet Helliwell who died in May 1987. The sculpture was created by George Kveton.
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