Parish Directory

The Church in the Province of the West Indies (Established 1883)
† The Most Rev’d & Hon. Dr. John Holder,
Archbishop of the West Indies, Primate and Metropolitan
Diocese of Barbados (Established 1824)
† The Most Rev'd & Hon. Dr. John Holder, Bishop
† The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Rufus Brome, G.C.M., retired Bishop of Barbados
† The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Sir Wilfred Wood, K.A.., retired Bishop of Croydon, UK
Our Companion Dioceses
The Diocese of Belize The Rt. Rev'd Philip Wright
Springfield, Illinois The Rt. Rev'd Daniel Martin
St. Michael, O'Fallon Rev'd Ian C. Wetmore
Clergy † Reverend Beverley Sealy-Knight
  † The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Rufus Brome, G.C.M.
Administrative Assistants Rose Marie Boyce
  Marguerite (Toni) Cole
Deanery Council Representative Maurice Johnson
Lay Readers/Eucharistic Assistants Joel Bannister
  Andre Adams
Lay Reader/Eucharistic Minister Marguerite (Toni) Cole
Eucharistic Ministers Richard Field
Chalice Assistants Richard Gill
  Gabrielle Rock
  Ann Small-Butcher
Church Wardens Karen Gurdon-Cobham
  Felicia Corbin
Synod Representative Joel Bannister
Secretary Maria Benn Verger Joyce Rowe
Asst. Secretary Gabrielle Rock  
    Gardener Royford James
Treasurer Michael Smith  
Asst. Treasurer Wynell Griffith Organist Philip Forde
Please note that office hours are usually 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday to Thursday but can be subject to change.
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