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Bereavement Counselling
The mission of our group is to offer support to persons in crisis.

What is Bereavement?
Bereavement represents the experiential state endured after realising a loss. This blaket term describes the wide range of emotions, experiences, changes and conditions that take place as a result of loss.

Grief represents the particular reaction one experiences while in a state of bereavement. Some of the emotions and challenges that can manifest during our time of loss are:

- Fear
- Loss of concentration
- Numbness
- Lack of sleep
- Anger
- Despair
- Yearning to be with and to see our loved one
- An inability to truly express who we are and our need to be conforted

Mourning is an outward expression of grief in response to a loss. It is often very personal and private.

The Bereavement Group is available to offer comfort and support in times of distress and bewilderment. Persons are welcome to attend their regular group meetings. Contact us for more information.

Care and Share
The Care and Share program assists with repairs and renovations to the homes of the less fortunate. The repairs are performed by volunteers and the recipients do not have to be members of St. James Parish Church.

The Centre for Christian Spirituality
Today all over the Christian World there is a renewed interest in the spiritual life. This interest arises out of a deep thirst for God and meaning in life. On Sunday May 25, 2001 the Centre for Christian Spirituality was opened to cater to this interest in the local community.

The Centre aims:
- to create an environment for the spiritual formation of its members and the wider Christian community

- to provide an opportunity for the community to engage in spiritual reflection and dialogue

- to encourage members to develop a rule of life to create an awareness of the distinctive natureof the Anglican method of Prayer and to examine other useful methods and forms of prayer.

The Centre hosts seminars, workshops, and lectures on Christian Spirituality at regular intervals during the Church Year. Every effort is being made to attract distinguished speakers, both local and overseas, to give presentations on different aspects of spirituality. A small library has been established to provide space for members to read, listen, and learn.

Golden Age Centre
During the eighties there seemed to be much concern for "youth" but little for those "in-age". Just as the parish church initiated an ecumenical bazaar at Christmas time, the Golden Age Centre (GAC) opened on Thursday 2nd October 1986 with participation by the Methodists, RC's of St Francis, and the Garden Church of God, with Rotary West and Soroptomist support. The first challenge was the transport of senior citizens from their homes and parishioners readily collected and delivered members each Thursday. Apart from outings, weekly meetings had hymn singing and prayers, exercises, games, refreshments and sometimes a visiting speaker. At first, participants were quiet and "turned-in" on themselves: now it is hard to stop them talking and many, many say the Golden Age Centre is the high point of their week. There are many volunteers who assist at the Centre or act as drivers while others provide refreshments or financial support. However, we are always looking for more volunteers to expand this worthy program.

Heed the Need
Heed the Need distributes groceries to needy families on a monthly basis. Each Sunday a large basket is placed in the cross-aisle of the church for members of the congregation to bring non-perishable items to donate to the programme. Staples such as canned goods, baby cereal, Milo, tea mix, instant beverages and soap, etc. serve to support families struggling to get by. Assistance has even been provided in obtaining school shoes, bed linen, mattresses etc. from time to time. The programme was started in 1991 and currently responds to the needs of thirty families in real difficulties. Every year our church holds a Harvest Garden Party to raise funds for our Outreach Programmes and the maintenance of our church. Heed the need is just one of the programmes that benefits. In addition, the generosity of individuals during the Christmas season serves to ease the recipients.Currently the Heed the Need programme is managed by Marie Ullyett and assisted by Rachel Wilkie. Supplies are distributed on the first Wednesday of each month.

Provides an opportunity for adults to learn how to use computers and accompanying software.

The Mini Education Centre
The Mini Education Centre (MEC) was opened in 1989. In the beginning there were only students from the St. James Secondary School and from the immediate surroundings, but as the word spread about the work being done, students came from many schools across the island. Over the years we have helped students from both primary and secondary schools. Two students, one from St. James Secondary and one from Combermere went on to the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill Campus and received first class honours expressed their sincere thanks for the help they received and the pleasant study environment offered at the MEC. We have even had a few adults attend to improve their reading skills. One rushed off to live in Canada and the other said she was proud to sit in a bus and open the daily newspaper and to read just like anyone else.

The MEC offers help with home work preparation for the Eleven Plus exam, as well as the CXC and CAPE programmes. There is a computer network and internet facilities for the students and an introduction to computers program was provided for adults of the congregation. For 17 years now the centre has been functioning. We have received donations of magazines, books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, a television and video, radio, computers, printers, a scanner and furniture from well wishers. We welcome any contribution of books, magazines and any other items that children may enjoy and use in their quest for knowledge and truth. We have come this far by faith, we all need encouragement in order to help our fellow man.

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