Our Stained Glass Windows

Altar Window
Known as the East Window, situated above the High Altar the large cross and ceremonial candles can be seen in sillouette against the window in this photo. This photo was taken from the front cover of our brochure, unfortunately the wording could not be removed. The subject matter displays The Ascension of Christ into heaven before his disciples. The disciples are clustered around below Christ while the kingdom of heaven opens above His head. God's glory shines down in golden rays as He is lifted into the clouds and also takes the shape of an inverted shell. The shell commonly represents St. James the Greater. This window is a memorial to those who gave their lives for their country in the Great War. Dedicated by Bishop Berkeley on November 11, 1924, it is inscribed, 'To the Glory of God and in Memoriam. 1914-1918'. This window is two and a half feet wide by seven feet tall with a half round top.




Baptistry Window
Located in the Baptistry, this east-facing Memorial Window echoes the theme of Baptism. In this scene, 'The Baptism of the Ethopian, by St. Philip' is represented. The two figures are surrounded by lush landscape in the form of the seaside, palm trees and vegetation. An ornate floral pattern surrounds the main images. Another figure can be seen in the background astride a donkey, observing the baptism taking place.

The memorial plaque below is inscribed, 'In affectionate memory of John Bishop Culpepper, Captn. 14th Dragoons, of Easy Hall, in this Island, who died January 3rd, 1875. Erected by his Widow.' This window is two and a half feet wide by seven feet tall with a half-round top.


Lady Chapel Window
This stained glass was installed in the organ apse window of the St. James Parish Church in thanksgiving for the $3/4 million restoration and was dedicated on November 10th, 1991.

It is an unusual window, two and a half feet wide by seven feet tall, with a half-round top. The frame is cast-iron and inch-wide muntins of the same iron criss-cross it diagonally, forming in the main, 4-3/4 "sqare lights". There are 104 of these, with 987 pieces of glass. The motif, or central idea, is that of a garden's colour: the many splendoured hues of tropical blooms, open sky and various greens and browns of the foliage, branches and the earth intermingled with water-visual expression of the life celebrated in the church.

The window was designed by Bill Grace and crafted by Ruth & Jim Lambie. Engineers Michael Hatch and son Guy, installed the window.

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