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Books Used
As with most Anglican churches around the world our services are conducted from the Book of Common Prayer. Published by The Church in The Province of the West Indies in 1995, our diocese uses The Book of Common Prayer to conduct all services. These red books are provided for visitors at St. James upon arrival.

The service for the regular Holy Eucharist is used every Sunday except the first Sunday of every month when the service for Morning Prayer is used. This is also called Morning Matins.

The Church in The Province of the West Indies launched a new hymnal in 2011 which is a compilation of old favourite hymns as well as songs by Caribbean authors and composers. In some cases the lyrics have been altered to reflect the Caribbean experience. It replaces the Hymns Ancient & Modern (A&M) and The English Hymnal books. Hymn #557 is especially important to St. James Parish Church as it was written by a long-standing member of our own choir, Mrs. Margaret Franklin!

St. James also provides a weekly bulletin to assist the congregation and visitors in following the service. This publication contains the Order Of Service, the list of Hymns for the given week, prayers and weekly announcements.

Practices During Service
The service held at 7:15 am is a spoken Holy Eucharist while the 9:00 am service is a Sung Eucharist. In months where there are five weeks, one service is held at 8:00 am so that our whole congregation may enjoy fellowship together.

Some visitors are unsure of when to stand or kneel. Practices vary---even among individual Anglicans but the general rule is to stand to sing hymns, to say the Creed, and for the reading of the Gospel in the Holy Eucharist. During the Sung Eucharist Psalms are sung and they are said sitting or standing during the 7:15 service. The congregation sits during readings from the Old Testament or New Testament Letters, the sermon, and the choir anthems. Prayer is done standing or kneeling to show our gratefulness to God for accepting us as children or as an act of humility before God. Listen for direction from the clergy or watch others around you.

Reception of Communion
Communicants who wish to receive Communion by intinction are reminded that they should cross their arms on their chests, and the minister administering the host will do the intinction and give them both bread and wine. Persons who wish to receive the Sacrament in one kind - bread – only, may do so, but should remain at the Altar rail with head bowed until after the next person has received the wine. All communicants are reminded that they should not leave the Altar rail while the next person is receiving the wine, so as to minimise the risk of spillage.


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